damn that mother chucker!

Just when I thought the see through trend is going away, I saw this gorgeous Emilio De La Morena on my favorite Leighton Meister.

leighton-meester-mtv-movie-awardsleighton meester

I’ve been a fan of the Gossip Girl books since I was a freshie in higschool. At first, the show has been a disappointment for me because they just edited so much, though I do watch it religiously now, like every other person in the world who has a television.

gossip girl

One of my favorite characters in the book is Vanessa, Jessica Zhor is pretty but I cannot even explain how much she doesnt fit the character. Book Vanessa goes to Constance with Serena and the others, she’s pale, has her head shaved and she’s always on and off with Dan. Book Chuck is just blah but I love love LOVE TV Chuck. Ed Westwick is just too hot. I have this theory that TV Chuck is gossipgirl, what? He’s such a conniving bitch!! I meant that in the best way possible=] Book Serena is like a real goddess but I don’t like TV Serena that much, they always make her look so tranny, when in fact Blake Lively is really pretty. And she does this annoying voice too when she gets all serious. I adore Taylor Momsen but don’t even get me started with Jenny Humphrey…see Book Jenny is petite, with curly hair and big boobs. Yeah.

In the books I’ve always liked Serena more but god do I adore TV Blair, she fits the character too, Leighton Meester is exactly how I imagined Book Blair would look like. She also has the wittiest, funniest and best lines in the show.



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