thriftwhoring is genetic

School has been taking up 90% of my time, 3% of which I spend on watching my TV shows.  4% I spend talking to my lover, .5% bickering with him.  and 2% surviving, and when I get lucky I get .5% to go online.


I know it’s late but I want to write a little something about my dad.

I know its pretty cliche to say “he’s the best dad any girl could ever have”, and that most if not all people consider their dads great but in my case….

These are some of the reasons why he’s amazing:

  • I got his smile…=)

    excuse me dads moobs.

    excuse my dads moobs

  • My gift for finding gorgeous vintage finds I inherited from him. He’s quite the thriftwhore. His favorite stores are thriftstores or junk shops. Oh and Divisoria.
  • My friends adore him like he’s one of their best buds. No lie. When we were little and couldn’t drive he would take us to see gigs and off roading, whatever, whenever he’s free.
  • He always ALWAYS looks at the pros and cons of everything.


  • He’s always coming up with ways to make money.
  • He loves taking my mom and I to the Farmers market.
  • He taught me to love nature, and everything it has to offer.
  • He shows us its okay to be weak sometimes as long as you learn to stand up.
  • He never goes to sleep without putting all of us to bed, no matter how tired he is from working the whole day.
  • He has an obsession with resurrecting old cars and good food but apart from that he literally does not buy anything for himself. All his clothes are gifts or freebies. His principle in life is to rather starve and be shoeless and be stuck working forever to be able to afford to give his family everything they need. (which is not gonna happen under my watch of course)
  • His family ALWAYS comes first.
  • He makes us appreciate the simplest things in life.
  • I have no idea how I would learn  to face the difficulties of reality if its not for him.
  • While a lot of people just sit around and wait for life to happen, he plans for our future step by step. He makes it a point that our life is secured no matter what.
at my hs graduation

at my hs graduation

Despite the fact that he gets too pushy at times because he likes to make sure you’ll be 100% fine, he also pronounces windmill, “wingmill” and so-en “so-eng” because he’s very chinese like that, and it always takes forever to ask him for money because he likes to rationalize your purchase, hahah, yes…he does that, and how I cant take it when he’s being all “o.c.-neat-freak” fixing everything and anything that gets in his way, I can count so many other things and it’ll take me forever to list all of them but I am definitely a daddy’s girl, and I’m pretty sure I will never out grow that.


5 thoughts on “thriftwhoring is genetic

    • after he read the blog he actually got all paranoid coz it seems to him, i sound like i’m saying goodbye. weird. but funny at the same time.

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