unexpected preview

Preview-July Issue

Okay so for the past few days I have been missing my hair badly and have been considering getting extensions… and just when I was starting to say “hey its just hair…it’ll eventually grow back”…..enjoying my throne in the toilet doing my business reading my much awaited copy of the Best Dressed Preview issue (July), there it was, the surprise that made my month…..MY LONG HAIR haunting and taunting me.


Its not much really, I’m guessing the two pictures (mine and the one above me) were randomly chosen…but hey….hahah! Its something. =] I might have gotten lucky that my pic was posted the moment they clicked “NEW”.

fashion future


2 thoughts on “unexpected preview

  1. I instantly got my copy after I read this at your multiply. I clicked the picture for a bigger view since I cannot see what page or who wrote it then it linked me here. Wow lucky you, and I think you deserved to be there 🙂

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