barely there

lace vest, button down shirt: promod, bag: dior, belt: louis vuitton, bangles: forever 21

Back in highschool I never went out of the house without eyeliner on. But I actually don’t like wearing a lot of make up, I feel like my skin cant breathe through all the products, so I only dot blemishes with concealer if I have to. I’m not a big fan of the cakey foundation to feel confident-and-blemish-free-look. But I do have a thing for experimenting a lot with my eyes, just my eyes.  Usually, asian’s have eyes bigger than the other, I use eye make-up to correct that and make them look equal. Hahah. This is why I rarely take pictures without eye stuff on because I never know which angle is best without making my other eye seem smaller. Recently, I’ve learned to love just full eyelashes and rosy dewy cheeks tho.

I swear by Estee Lauder mascara and NARS blush in Orgasm

narsestee lauder

The Spring 2010 runway is full of barely-there-make-up and I love it!guccistella mccartneystella mccartneychanel


4 thoughts on “barely there

  1. hi ericke!! i wish you could post more often, i check your blog everyday cause i really really really love your style…. keep it up!! i love your blog…super…xoxo….

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