meet me half way

Some questions by Ms. Cathlyn Vallar and her friends=]

Where do you get your ideas for your look? Inspirations, reading materials, etc…?
– Music is my greatest influence I think. I dress based on mood. I listen to different types of music, so however I look is the mixture of it all.

Where are you spotted shopping most of the time? What is with that store that keeps you going back?
– Thrift stores, like I said, I don’t like looking like everyone else =]

Do you consider wearing thrifted and secondhand materials? Why?
– I LOVE thrifted clothing and secondhand materials, I’m a big fan of vintage. There’s more character in the item. And its way cheaper than going to the mall. Hahah. Most if not all of the very expensive bags and shoes I own are hand me down’s from my mom.

What stores do you actually jive in for for quality clothes yet cheap?
– If I’m not at thriftstores, I usually go to FnH, Divisoria and tiangges for cheap thrills.

Do you buy online? If yes, does it not scare you that people may actually take advantage of the virtual and online shopping?
– Yes, I live in a province with limited choices to buy clothes from so I buy from ebay and multiply. I’ve been taken advantage once before, I’ve learned to buy online smarter now.

Do you work to buy your clothes or do you have a budget given by your parents monthly?
– My dad has a hardware store, I help during my free time. I sell my old clothes as well so all the money I spend, I work for. I try not to ask my parents to buy me stuff. Fashion is my addiction, so I have to be responsible with that.

At the end of every purchase, do you recount all the materials you have bought? If yes, why?
– No. Hahah. I wouldn’t want to feel guilty.

Where do you buy your clothes? What do you look for in buying a hip cloth?

– Everywhere. No specific stores. I buy some of my accessories from this old lady infront of my Dad’s store who sells anting anting and herbal medicine.

Where can you find the cheapest finds that are atually reliable and fab?
– My mom’s closet never fails

Do you put any regimen on your face? Why is it so white and soft?
– Hahah no actually I dont. I only use foundation to formal events. The less you put on your face the better it can breathe. I use clean and clear face wash, I never sleep with make up on and I moisturize with Nivea cream before I go to bed.

Do you put anything in your underarms? Why is it so white & kinis?
– Hahahahah. My favorite question. Omg. I dont know why I always get asked this. I get my kili kili waxed. I try not to shave. I use deodorant only if I think I’m going to get hot that day, or sweaty.


10 thoughts on “meet me half way

    • thanks ^_^ lol!! omg!! hahah i dont know. god!! well dont get excited yet coz then it’ll jinx it. but hopefully i’ll be there the whole summer for my summer affiliation.

  1. hi…oomg we have the same high waist shorts..!!mine comes with pink belt but i dont use the belt… love it!!! i also love thrift shopping teehee… if you dont mind, can i ask if you are shaving your legs? hihi…its so flawless kasi eh tehee… i have probs with shaving kasi, when i started shaving i always get razor burn and i hate it…..

  2. hi ericke!! thanks for answering my question!!!! i’m really a big fan of yours…. as in!!! i hope nga na ma meet kita and have a picture together hehe… you know last xmas i saw a guy who looked a lot like your bf, sa baguio, sabi ko omg baka andito si ericke!! but when i looked at him ng malapitan hindi pala…hihi… sabi ko sa bf ko kamukha nung bf ni ericke hehe…. kasi pinapakita ko din sakanya blog mo eh….chinese din bf ko he’s a pure chinese din….hehe…and everyday talaga ako nag checheck ng blog mo…sana nga everyday talaga ka post dito teeehee….love it…kulit ko noh hihi…

    • heheh awww… youre too sweet. sorry di ako nakakapagupdate masyado. nursing school takes up a lot of your time xe. but if you noticed i update more often na di ba? lol thanks really. and i actually haven’t been to baguio since i came back to the philippines. are you from baguio?

  3. oo nga eh… pansin ko lagi ka nag popost ngaun.. thanks a lot…. as in….super…alam mo pag open ko pa nga lang ng laptop ko ung site mo na agad ang inoopen ko as in everyday yan hihi…. dati baguio me pero now nasa dagupan na…..basta keep it up…im your #1 fan hihi….

  4. btw, its ok lang pala…don’t be pressured na mag post, basta if you have time talaga post ka lang…hehe… thanks ulit..and gbu… ๐Ÿ™‚

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