see where i’m coming from, when you see me coming run

I was so stoked when I found out my blog got featured in Tongue in Chic!! Tongue in Chic does a great job in updating everything there is to know about fashion, not just in Asia, but on a global scale. The site is made up of a bunch of amazing writers across South East Asia. I have no idea how they got to know about my little blog but it feels pretty awesome.  Thank you tongue in chic and thank you Tin Iglesias =]

Its finals right now so I’m busy busy busy, I cant wait for this term to be over. I cant wait for summer!

tunic: bayo, belt: zara, ivory elephant necklace: bangkok

I seriously miss my long hair…

blue tunic, black bag: the ramp, leopard wedges

leopard jacket: forever21, sling bag: vintage gucci, geometric necklace, ribbed tights: target

btw you guys I’ll be having my online vintage store up and running soon =]


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