forever young

Today is my birthday! I remember writing this when I was 18, I was bored out of my mind. Reading it now, I’m still the same girl I was two years ago. I have learned much about life, love, people and everything in between but as my personality goes, I’m still the same. I seriously am and will always be a kid by heart.

“because I’m bored beyond belief.

I’m 18….and I’m staying 18 forever.
I am the nicest bad girl you’ve probably ever met.
….no matter what people say.
I like reading books, they fuel my imagination.
I cuss like a fucking sailor so get over it.
I’m really sweet tho I promise.
I was born in the Land of Angels.
I’m a procrastinator.
I only own two pairs of pants.
My legs are usually always bare…shorts are my best friend.
I’ve forgotten how to properly wear short skirts without flashing my panty-covered-vajayjay.
I love Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, the Olsens and Edie Sedgwick
It takes me awhile to be comfortable with people.
When I start making fun of you, its a good thing.
85% of my friends are boys.
I’m really selfish when it comes to music. =]
I’m starting to think Le Bron James is a billionaire mutant.
Chocolate is the gas to my engine.
I shop when depressed.
I shop when I’m on my period.
I shop when I want something new in my life, just to fill the void.
I’m never mean….I’m just really honest.
I’m usually, if not always, misunderstood.
The only talent I think I have is that I can coordinate a bitchin’ outfit effortlessly.
Other than that I’m unbelievably talentless.
Jack of all trades.
Master of none.
I used to swim, surfed a little, rappel, hike every now and then, but I’m a bum 80% of the time.
I cant talk to strangers, but I love meeting new people.
I’m smart enough but I’m unbelievably lazy.
I am incapable of saving money.
I hate ordering my own food.
I like taking pictures of people in real situations.
[i.e. not news-worthy-type of shit but more like laughing your ass off infront of your gate trying to put yourself together after getting so drunk, type of thing.]
I admire people who can CREATE art through the use of fabrics.
I’m really tiny.
I trust people easily, it takes me awhile to know my skroddles to my skrinks.
I eat too much pasta.
My mom makes the meanest steak.
I usually do not give a fuck.
I want A LOT out of life.
I think I’m boring.
I have an easy lifestyle.

A lot of people secretly disagree with me.

Honestly tho? There’s way too much to know about me.

If you’re done reading then wow you must be just as bored as I am=]


Have  a fun weekend everyone! I know I will…


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