0.2my summer so far….

The highlight of this week HAS to be our trip to Adams. It was kind of a joint birthday celebration for myself and my friend Ivon. We arrived in Adams just before dark, but because our other friends had to leave early in the morning and still wanted to see much of the place, we went on a short trek for about an hour. Night time caught up to us and we were crawling our way back home with nothing but our cellphones as flashlights. The next morning we were supposed to hike to Anuplig Falls but nobody woke up in time. No thanks to two bottles of Cuervo and one case of beer! First we ate breakfast, Adams always offers exotic food to their guests such as eel and ant eggs. Then we took a dip at the river by our tents to wash the hangover away. With about two hours of sleep, we went hiking. Some of my girlfriends are not very “outdoorsy” so we had to rest a couple of times, instead of hiking for an hour and a half, it took us two hours to reach the falls. We were sweaty, hot, our feet were covered with mud, our legs and arms had so many scratches and on top of that our knees felt like the knees of an 80 year old with arthritis. As soon as we heard the rushing sound of the falls and felt the sprinkles of cold water in our faces, all of the complaints and regrets went away. The water was ice cold, its my 3rd time to see Anuplig falls but I’m still so amazed by it. Cliff diving is always awesome! The water was so deep even if you jumped from the highest point you still can’t reach the bottom.

I hope you guys are having a great summer!


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