knock offs

I deleted the last blog I made upon finding it was linked, and that I was wrong. Oh was I so wrong! I sent the said designer a text message on the number I found on her site. My text message:

” This is surprisinglykitsch and blauearth. We would like to apologize for the embarrassment we caused you. We were given the impression that the hats were by you. They just came along with a text message and an invitation. Again we’re sorry, we should not have relied on what we were simply told and we should have made sure. We already deleted the tags. We sincerely did not mean to name drop. “

I seriously hope this ends the discussion. We have nothing but high respects for Mich Dulce.

update: I hunted down that text message and it did not AT ALL say the hats were Mich Dulce’s, but that they were Mich Dulce inspired. I don’t know how I missed the “inspired” part, it was very irresponsible. My apologies again.


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