out on a date….to nowhere

It was raining hard this day and I didn’t really feel like going out but I haven’t seen my friend for so long and I missed her, so we went on a date, to nowhere. We were driving aimlessly for hours, and checked out like 4 bars and ended up at our other friends’ house.

My go-to outfit for days when I feel too lazy to dress up is a loose white v-neck shirt, short shorts and either a pair of boots, killer heels or a pair of unique sandals. I bought this shirt from Sexy White Shirt. I LOVE it, I plan to buy 2 more! Its like the ones they sell at Gap and Bench. I wish the neckline was a tad bit lower tho but that’s just me. But trust me, they should have named this Perfect White Shirt.

I unintentionally always pick the white color among the other colors whenever I buy a top. My closet is overstocked with white tops, you can NEVER have too many white shirts. Plus the white color does something with the light that makes your face look brighter. True story.

I bought this pair of boots at a thrift store, they remind me of the ones the equestrians use. I don’t know why I like it. Hahah.


2 thoughts on “out on a date….to nowhere

    • aww thanks! i got this necklace from Forever21, and the pink cuff i bought online, the leopard cuff is from aldo. i make my beaded bracelets. i shop everywhere for accessory shopping =)

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