shoulder accessory say what??

I usually have multiple bangles on but this amazing shoulder accessory I got from Bend & Snap is already enough to toughen up my outfit.

[shoulder accessory: bend & snap, floral dress worn as top, culottes: undernourished manila, saddle bag: dior, peep toe sling backs: matthews shoes]

I posted in my twitter “culottes, whatchu know about that?” and my mom replied with “yeah, i know a lot about that. it made a comeback the year you were born when esprit ruled…@ericketan cullotes, whatchu know about that?” She’s so funny I love her! Hahah. I’ve been looking for the right culottes that fit me for so long. I found THE pair from Undernourished Manila. The length wasn’t really for my height so I had to have it altered a bit. Why do I have to be so tiny?

I love this Dior bag I stole from my mom’s closet, and these sling backs are my current favorite.


4 thoughts on “shoulder accessory say what??

  1. The link for Bend & Snap is not working 😛
    Love the shoulder accessory and everything is a great match!!! Who is your photographer by the way? Nice angles 🙂

    • oh.. thanks for letting me know! i dont know if you believe it but for these pictures, my 7 year old sister took them. hahah. usually my photographer is my mom who dabbles a bit with photography, but i ask whomever is with me at that moment =]

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