hardware baby

[shirt: mphosis, skirt: streetbeatboutique, watch: cartier, bangles: hermes, web bracelet: incezaxe, bag: balenciaga, gladiators: matthews]

I don’t have a house, this is my house. Well, this is the first floor of my house. I live in a typical chinese environment. My dad feels the business is safer if he’s closer. Sometimes I wish our store was somewhere else so I could dress up when I go help out. But since its only a stair away, I go down to the store looking the same way as when I woke up-NGARAG. Lol. Ever since I was a baby this was already my home, I don’t mind being cramped up in such a small place. Plus everything is walking distance from where I live.

I love how my mom and I have the same taste, but sometimes I wish she’s a little bit schizophrenic like me and gets tired of her old stuff. I want this bag. Hahah. But she loves this, she uses it very often. Dear mom, buy a new Balenciaga and let me have this. Love, Ericke.


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