a typical sunday in the tan family

Okay, I need some fun stuff for my blog. I am going to accept fashion challenges. name a store you want me to go to where I can create an entire look. Hahah. Dare me!!!

[top: babo, aviators: mango, skirt, ava paguyo, bag: bangkok, sandals: ichigo, Mcfloat: Mc’donalds]

Sundays are usually reserved for family. Its either my dad takes the boys off-roading or biking. Or I take my siblings to the movies or wherever they want to go, I’m a stage sister like that. Ooooor my mom takes us shopping! This Sunday my mom took my little sister shopping and took her to the mall to get her hair cut.

Little it-girl in the making

VOILA! New look for little Alex.

Then we went to my parents’ wonderful painter friend for an interview who will remain nameless because my mom is yet to post the blog about the man =) I took pictures of some interesting stuff…


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