getting our dunes on!

This morning just when I got home from Baguio with only 2 hours of sleep, I had to go with my parents to Paoay. LEAD Movement helped Governor Imee with the national media launch of her Paoay Kumakaway project.

This is my first time to actually meet the governor, and Manang Imee is such a breath of fresh air! I’ve seriously never met a politician this kalog and down to earth. I have to say, from the very beginning, we had to bend over backwards just to promote Ilocos Sand Boarding because no one else really saw its potential. But not her. She’s turning Ilocos Norte around 😉

Chatting up with Sir Mark Chua, cool guy! He thought I was one of the press people but I said no, I’m their daughter and pointed to my dad. Thanks dad for the very very late introduction. Hahah.

xxBorgy and Michael Manotoc with their ladies.


I was expecting the usual TV crew and host but I was so surprised to see Lisa Ilarde, other lifestyle/magazine editors and was so star struck to see Georgina Wilson. Hahah. I’m not even gonna lie!! They were all so nice!

Gaaaaah girl crush!

Gosh I’m so short!!

Thank you Manang Imee for making LEAD Movement a part of it =)


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