out of the blue

Picture 264

[wayfarers: vintage raybans, vest: zoo, cut-off shorts: levis, bag: balenciaga, bangles: aldo accessories, bracelets: everywhere, heels: parisian]

Whenever I’m short on budget and I feel like I need a wardrobe make over, I tend to spend my money on things that can really change an otherwise simple and boring outfit like accessories or cover ups. This vest for example that I got from ZOO, it adds a little oomph to your everyday jeans and shirt, or you can wear it with that old bondage dress you’ve had lying around since the whole Herve Leger trend started dying out and match it with a pair of flats to make it wearable during the day.
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Picture 285


7 thoughts on “out of the blue

    • thanks giselle. i usually shop at our local thriftstores, i’m not very particular where. i usually always find something wherever. and for accessories, i buy everywhere! seriously, i even buy from the old ladies that sell herbal medicines along with like bracelets and necklaces in a stool in front of our store

      • Hi Ericke!

        I’m new in your blog. I discover it from your mom’s blog. Both of you have an amazing blog and are fashion icons, too. I love your fashion style. I wish I can dress up with confidence like you do. I want to buy accessories too in front of your store. Where is your store in Laoag? Thanks Ericke :]

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