boys in the girls room, girls in the mens room

Picture 356small

[shirt: thrifted, trousers: ZOO, quilted back pack, heels: balenciaga, watch: cartier]

Picture 367copysmall
Picture 362small
Picture 366small
Picture 364small
Picture 360small
Picture 357small
Picture 361small
Picture 371small

Other bloggers have their backyard or their white wall or their cement wall. I have my rooftop 😉

That mosquito bite on my left ankle is so distracting! Thank you third world. One of the hardest things in writing a new post for a fashion blog is choosing what pictures to use. Which is why I end up using so much that look practically the same. Hahah. Whatever, I’m vain like that! But seriously, the effect of the whole outfit usually depends on how it is being represented in the picture.

I rarely go out without stacks of accessories on but its either I put on way too many, or very very little. I love this pair of trousers I got from ZOO, very John Lloyd by Liz Uy look don’t you think?

I’m currently so addicted with my hipstamatic ipod app it takes the cutest random pictures like the beauty of a real lomo-camera if only they can make an ipod that takes polaroid instant print pictures then I’m all set!


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