Im three shots deep and I aint tryna sleep

Picture 308

[leopard blazer: undernourished manila, flower necklace, top: plains and prints, shorts: folded and hung, bag: vintage dior, peep toes]

Partying on the night of Dec 25th in my Tina Braganza leopard blazer. This is probably by far THEE best Christmas I’ve ever had.

Picture 314
Picture 265
Picture 257
Picture 263
Picture 262

Picture 289

I’ve always wondered how its like dancing on a pole? …with a pole? Iunno how you really say it because “pole dancing” is different from dancing by just merely holding onto a pole. But anyway, right before closing time when people started going out of the club my girlfriends and I took the chance to dance on the ledge, since we practically had the bar to ourselves. Thank you jose cuervo.

Picture 292
Picture 291
Picture 295
Picture 302
Picture 310
Picture 328
Picture 330

Picture 224 Few days before Christmas, I got invited to my boyfriend’s brother’s company christmas party with a western theme.

Picture 221
Picture 230
Picture 217
Picture 248
Picture 250


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