sandboarding on monday magazine

Sandboarding is LEAD Movements’ baby.

I’m so proud of how Sandboarding has gotten so big in the past year. I remember pushing and pushing my dad when I was in 2nd year highschool (2004) to buy snowboards so we can try it in the sand. He finally got the idea of actually making our very own boards with the help of his architect friend Glen Guerrero in 2009. Now, people from Australia to Brazil come to Ilocos just to have their turn on the slopes. It has gotten so much hype that word started to spread like wildfire from blogs to TV shows to the latest, Monday Magazine. Other groups in Ilocos Norte who, may I say, used to frown upon LEAD Movement, started joining the bandwagon and now also offers their tourist clients sandboarding. And they say you know you’ve made it big once people start to copy you…

“Ericke Tan is a twenty year-old nursing student who surfs waves in her spare time. With big, Anime eyes and a deceptively waifish carriage, Ericke’s an ideal ambassador for sandboarding. The daughter of the sport’s creators, she manages to make any slide look kinetically eloquent. “It’s a very barkada thing to do,” she shrugs. “It’s also one of the things I grew up with.”

Sandboarding is featured in the latest issue of Monday Magazine with rockin’ pictures by Paolo Seen and words by the awesome Karl de Mesa. Grab your copies!

Please like sand boarding on facebook. And if you want to experience it yourself, contact Benny Arce: 09175230331.


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