I am so obsessed with these Mighty Wallets! These are tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and best of all, recyclable. My brothers and I, tried putting it through running water, as well as tried tearing it and its still in one piece! I love the designs that really look like you just took an actual piece of paper and folded it.


I didn’t get one for myself yet because I’m waiting for this one design. I got my boyfriend the three ring binder paper so we could doodle on it after awhile. The material is quite accessible too so if you are good in origami it will be easy to make your own =)

Available at Red Dot Laoag for P780.00


[top: hand-me-down, pearls: forever 21, chain: DV, belt: hermes, trousers: zoo clothing, clutch: marc jacobs, scarf]



my little sister in her adorable outfit…



4 thoughts on “31911

  1. I’m hooked with your blog, really! I want to know where you usually shop? What places would you usually go for thriftshopping? I’m impressed with all your fashion sense. In fact, Im blown away! Your are amazing. I hope i could meet you one day 🙂 Continue inspiring others with your self-expression 😀

    • Lol… I got the inspiration from a local model bea soriano… Wanted to give my otherwise matronly outfit some pop of color

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