the tassle’s worth the hassle!

elementary graduation '03 MMSU

I used to be so creative when I was little. My doodles were very cute & acceptable, I was a copy reader as well as a writer for my school newspaper and I would deconstruct & reconstruct everything I had my hands on… I don’t know what happened to me. It’s like all my creative juices just started to drain as soon as I was about to end High school.

highschool graduation '07 BCLHS

Its been about a week since I graduated and I’ve been 21 years old for 48 hours already. I feel much wiser, but for some reason I don’t feel any smarter. I don’t blame the quality of education I’ve been given because I graduated in the top Nursing school in our city. I’ve learned the different parts of a heart, I can tell you now the pathophysiology of cervical cancer and I now know the difference between a schizomaniac and a bipolar person. Yet I feel like I still don’t know shit about the things that really count. I’m on my first steps as a full pledged adult yet I am still so terrified to be in the real world. Questions like how does one actually pay for income taxes? What’s it like living alone? and how and where do I file for things? are things I have been asking since I was near graduation. They should teach these things in school…

college graduation '11 DWCL photo by: ivon domingo

Every decision one makes after graduation counts now, because this is the time when no one is really, genuinely responsible for anything that you do anymore, BUT you. The last thing I want to be in the world is a bum and a moocher. I want to make my family’s life better, I want to do things I really love and I want to be, in general, just useful. I need to start making good decisions from now on…


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