Kitschy at Tiffany’s

On the day of my birthday, my original plan was to stay in bed all day because I don’t get to just sleep and rest one whole day. On the other side of the bridge, my friend had something else in mind. Ivon sent me a text saying she felt like doing a shoot but honestly this is mostly because she wanted to get out of the house because her whole town’s electricity was shut down for the whole day.  We planned for the concept of my birthday shoot and thought Tiffany’s Hotel along Bacarra Road was THE best place for a fun and happy shoot. I had 30 mins to get ready including deciding what clothes to bring…

Tiffany’s Hotel is the only hotel of its kind found in the North. With its retro vibe, colorful rooms with a different theme in every floor and its accommodating staff, this Boutique Hotel is the perfect place for the young and fashionable who would like to stay in a place found in the heart of the city, or perfect for slumber parties as well!

[feather earrings: maris online, top: thrifted, boyfriend watch: juicy couture, socks: robinson’s department store]

I think Ivon and I make such a great team because we understand each other. We’re open to each others criticisms and we compromise each others individual ideas to make a wonderful outcome. And they say close friends are usually the worst people to work together!

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After a tiring shoot, we had merienda at the only 50’s Diner in the City found right below the hotel.


12 thoughts on “Kitschy at Tiffany’s

    • beb wanted an old movie, so i thought of breakfast at tiffany’s being the perfect movie for the telly! which is also my favorite old movie…thanks to you…

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