challenge accepted! day 5


[top: pink manila, feathered earring: maris online, scapula necklace: os-accessories, aviators: mango, mom jeans, wedges: parisian]



I look like modern day Pebbles with feathers, bones and leopard print! It took me a looong while to decide on which OS-accessory to buy first but the scapula necklace prevailed. I was so excited when I got it in the mail today! Pictures don’t do this necklace justice. You have to really see it in person to actually appreciate how delicate it looks and how the hand crafting is just unbelievable! My friend Paul Jatayna one of the brains of the OS trio made it extra special for me with an adjustable chain. I am INLOVE!


Oh and don’t forget to check out Maris‘ new line of feathered earrings! This one with turqouise and pink feathers is my new favorite!


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