you can take my picture, take my flame but your’e never going to take my city away

The other day, my friend who is a blogger from Manila said  “…you somehow showcase the other parts of the Philippines.” I told him, that’s what I’m trying to do with my blog, because not a lot of people can see my side of the Philippines the way a real local sees it.

I wasn’t born in Laoag, my Dad is pure Chinese and only my mom’s mom is a pure bred Ilocana, but we all grew up here. I can’t really say I’m 100% Ilocano but my parents are even more Ilocano than most of the people I know. My dad would never pay thousands of pesos for fancy or gourmet food because he would rather indulge in longganisa, tinuno or dinardaraan. He constantly tries to look for activities that would pull tourists to the province, like sandboarding and the development of Adams for example. My mom… well lets just say my mom will do anything for free to promote Ilocos. So naturally, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I love Ilocos and this is my own way of doing my fair share.


Ilocos may not be the hippest, or the busiest place in the country but living here teaches you to love the simple things in life and to not get caught up in all the modern day hoopla. It gives you the right balance between the access to modern day pleasures, and living, as well as loving the simple life. Don’t get me wrong, everyone should get out of their little safe place at least once in their lives. I want to travel the world, be able to experience living in different places, but when I have a family of my own, I will raise my children here. I want them to have the same values I was taught, have the whole sand dunes as their backyard and have the whole Pagudpud beach as their own swimming pool.


One thought on “you can take my picture, take my flame but your’e never going to take my city away

  1. This is exactly one of the reasons why I followed your blog (and lookbook!) I’m from Laguna but my mom is Ilocano while my dad is Tagalog-Kapampangan. I think it’s cool that we there are Pinoy bloggers representing places and styles outside Manila and Cebu. 🙂

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