me and my friend D [day 21]


[top: forever 21, shorts: undernourished manila, earrings: aldo accessories]


This is my friend Danda. We used to be friends in grade school, then I somewhat bullied her through the first half of high school (I won’t blame her if she still holds grudges), then we ended up being better friends in college =) She’s “laki sa lola”.  Her favorite bag is an all black Le Pliage Longhamp with her hand sanitizer hanging by the handle  (in a color that matches her bag of course). She hates vegetables. She ALWAYS drives with her seat belt, take note that in the picture she’s making fun of herself. She will only buy a black BlackBerry. She’s a Harry Potter fanatic. When she splurges on shoes, she likes black and nude pumps or cute ballet flats only. D also has a little bit of an obsessive compulsive disorder. She likes her finger nail colors to ALWAYS match her toe nails. She also takes off her nail polish as soon as she gets them chipped. She doesn’t let people borrow her books unless she’s suuuure that they will not  make creases or flip it all the way. She will never stay up late for anything. My point is, she is the Blair to my Serena (Blair is my favorite character in the TV show tho).  We cannot be any more different from each other and we love it.



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