two in one [day 22 & 23]


[top: plains and prints, mom shorts, brogues, scarf: thrifted]

If a beanie is considered an accessory, I think scarves are too. So I turned this scarf into a cover up  for some drinks with my girlfriend. I took this picture while waiting for her before picking her up. This is the only picture I have of that night 😀


[skirt: thrifted, belt: zara, flats: forever 21, bag: thrifted]

Next day I ran errands with my mom, wore my maxi skirt as a dress and cinched it with a belt.



Cute Despicable Me toys at Toys R Us

Mmmmmm…. Coffee Vienna! My dad sent us to the grocery store to buy Vanilla ice cream, but I will definitely try this next time.

Tried the new  KFC desserts. They have chocolate mousse, banana chocolate, tiramisu and mango cheesecake. The tiramisu was delish!! Next time I’m ordering two for myself. One is sooo bitin, the packaging is so small KFC!!


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