Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without [day 25]


My mom got invited to judge a poster making contest and a fashion show at Mariano Marcos State University – Batac. I went with her since I didn’t have work today. Incidentally, they were missing another judge for the fashion show so I was randomly chosen to join the panel of judges. The fashion show was all about using recycled materials. I was so amazed when I saw the creations because they were made with such creativity by the students. Plus the promotion of recycling made me and mommy Blauearth very happy.


If they made her wear a white bondage skirt or something, I think this would have won. I like the idea of the paper plates used. It was very avant-garde, reminded me so much of Lady Gaga. The designer did such a good job on the corset too but those jeans and that belt just did not work.


I really liked this one, it seemed really wearable. The way the designer weaved the top like a banig was really nice and probably took a lot of time and effort. The fringy effect of the lower half of the dress was so on trend too… Wish she had better accessories to go with the lovely dress. But I would really wear this dress, would love to have it in gold.


In the end, the juice pack dress won. She actually had the best styling. Plus the model’s personality seemed to really fit the dress. I know my picture sucks and you can’t see much of the details but this is all I got. I couldnt even take a good picture of the 4th entry. I really need to get a zoom lens soon! All in all, the MMSU tourism students did such an amazing job, plus congratulations to Northwestern University for placing 1st on the fashion show! Thank you so much for having me πŸ™‚


[top: forever 21, maxi skirt: thrifted, aviators: mango, scapula necklace: os-accessories, sling bag: louis vuitton]



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