challenge accepted!


[lace tunic: forever 21, tutu skirt: amour manila, denim vest: thrifted, wedges: parisian, clutch: tomato]

Yes there are times when underwear is acceptable to wear as outerwear =)


I did my own version of a 30 days 30 ways challenge where I chose 30 items of clothing including shoes to mix and match for 30 days.  Today is my last day. Here is a breakdown of all the items I wore for 30 days:

  1. button down shirt from promod
  2. tutu skirt from amour manila
  3. ivory heels
  4. mom shorts
  5. top from plains and prints
  6. jacket from the ramp
  7. denim vest
  8. brogues from reddot
  9. lace tunic from forever 21
  10. leather pants from topshop
  11. black studded heels
  12. paper bag shorts from undernourished manila
  13. top with ribbon bows from robinson’s departement store
  14. leopard top from pink manila
  15. black wedges from parisian: sm department store
  16. white top from plains and prints
  17. trousers from zoo
  18. flats from forever 21
  19. thrifted yellow top
  20. thrifted midi skirt
  21. denim button down from the ramp
  22. ikat print tunic from forever 21
  23. gold flats from forever 21
  24. bandeau from people are people
  25. thrifted maxi skirt
  26. floral skirt from just g
  27. corset: forever 21
  28. thrifted pink trousers
  29. thrifted pleated skirt
  30. denim shorts from folded and hung

My purpose for doing the challenge was to show my ways of maximizing the use of clothes without breaking the bank because we don’t have to buy new clothes to feel like we have a whole new different wardrobe.

here are a few tricks:

  • accessorize – invest in bold accessories, they give just the punch you need to a boring old shirt!
  • something borrowed – trust me, no matter how different your styles maybe, there are always nice things you can find in your mom or sister’s closet
  • multi ways – not everything is what it seems. A skirt is not just a skirt anymore, wear a long skirt as a dress, or wear a dress as a top, you can also use a scarf as a cover up.
  • layering – layering clothes is a convinient trick to cheat your way into looking like you’re wearing something new and different.
  • knots – tie a shirt in the middle,on the side side or even knot it in the back. You will automatically have a fitted or a midriff top.
  • underwear as outerwear – corsets can be worn as tube tops. Bras and bikini tops can be worn as bandeau’s peeping out of your blouse or button down shirt. Do it a la Material Girl.
There are other bazillion ways to look like you just bought a whole new wardrobe, you just need to be more creative, to think outside the box and to not always settle on making spontaneous splurges =)

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