peanut butter lovesickle


[top: thrifted, mullet skirt: styledistrict, mom’s bag: chanel, bangles: everywhere, earrings: forever 21, large chain necklace: mango, clogs]

I am IN LOVE with this mullet skirt!!! the mullet hair goes “business in the front, party in the back!” but this skirt is the opposite. Plus don’t you just love my clogs? Only girls and gay guys appreciate clogs.



My mom rarely goes out, and when she does, its either it’s for an adventure out in the woods or just to blog about something. This then leaves me to take advantage of her things. Case in point: her Chanel bag.

So I’ve decided to give the LBxMango contest a try. I don’t know why the widget won’t show but here’s a link to my entry. Im usually always so scared to join contests but here I am pushing my luck. Please HYPE by logging on to your FB account. If you’re not familiar with Lookbook, the HYPE button is on the left side of the picture, it would mean so much to me. Contest will end on Oct 13 so please like, share or hype if you can. Thank you so much! ♥


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