flying over seas, no time to feel the breeze


[boyfriend blazer: mango, band shirt: street beat boutique, shorts: folded and hung, leg chain, robot keychain: prada, booties: pill footwear]

The first ever huge concert I went to was The Strokes at The Wiltern on my 15th birthday. I was in love with Fabrizio Moretti back then. I bought this cute shirt that had the band’s name written across the chest. I had to get it in red even if I wanted the blue one because they only had red left for that design.

These were probably the crappiest concert seats I’ve ever bought in my entire life but god was that an amazing show!

Well, going back to the shirt…I lost it =( I seriously can’t find it and I get sad just talking about it. Good thing I got this awesome Strokes shirt with the cover of their new album Angles in black and white. It totally fills the void!


We had Dinakdakan and Paksiw for lunch! Dinakdakan is an Ilocano grilled pig head/face dish, somewhat similar to sisig. Yummy right?? =p



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