help someone get a shot with your headshots

I usually don’t do this because a) I am terrified with beauty shots, b) I get insecure with my wide face and c) I usually don’t know what to do. I agreed to be one of the three models for the promo pic for this open shoot because it is for an amazing cause.

Black is Back is an open shoot for someone very special and someone very close to our hearts who is fighting for his life through continuous dialysis.  All the proceeds of this shoot will go to this admirable gentleman. Jaime Lao, now a law student is a person who remains optimistic amid his condition. This is our own way of helping him and it would mean so much if you would join us in this endeavor.

The open shoot will be from October 24th-27th, 1pm onwards. Location will be at GT studios, at Brgy. 23 Rizal St. Laoag City (cr. Vintar Rd, Rizal St.Tumaneng Residence, infront of Home-Sweet-Home). Registration is P500.00 inclusive of hair and make-up. What’s in it for you? You’ll get 4 hi-res photos, 3 single photos and 1 layout picture. All the pictures of participants will be displayed during the Octoberfest/street party “Black party” at U-belt of Laoag on Oct.29th, 2011.

Who doesn’t want to get spruced up and get your lovely pictures taken? Do something good with your vanity =) In other words, nagmaganda ka na nga, nagmagandang loob ka pa! (hope I said that right..=p)

BTS shots!

I had so much fun shooting and getting all dolled up. I have to say the highlight of my night was when we were supposed to have dinner at 12am and our ride ran out of gas in the middle of the street sooo close to where we were supposed to go eat. Kuya Glenn, the other model Kate and I pushed the pick-up truck. After getting it parked in the right place,  Kuya Glenn and I, in my big curly hair and super duper made up face and flirty false eye lashes hailed a tricycle no less, to the nearest gas station to buy gas. Good times!!!


7 thoughts on “help someone get a shot with your headshots

  1. WOW!!! Just that! I don’t know the exact words to express what i feel about it. But maybe the best words to say are “thank you”. Big thanks, Ericke. You all are amazing. =)

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