acid raindrops

[d.i.y. ear cuff: urban outfittersxmaris, earrings: aldo accessories, white top: thrifted, black bra: bench, faux fur vest, cut-offs: levis, feather connector ring: quirkypedia, combat boots]

I had to style myself and modeled for my friend Ivon Domingo. This is what we do when we have too much time in our hands.

We were supposed to have our shoot somewhere else but I didn’t think I could work well with the nosy bystanders. Good thing my uncle had this huge construction site which worked even better for the concept. Our friend Ronan Domingo, also a photographer tagged along, as well as James, Vince and Raymart. They seriously made the shoot extra fun!! Ronan also took photos and I will also upload them as soon as he finishes editing =)

This is the second of three sets. I brought with me so much accessories but I didn’t even get to use them nor even remembered them. We were running all over the place trying to catch as much sun light as we could since it was almost sun set. The runny make-up wasn’t intentional but in the end I think it worked so well with what we were trying to pull off.

Will upload more pictures soon =]

For more pictures check out:


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