dancing with myself


It was supposed to be just a shoot with me and Ivon as always, but this time we decided to tag along some people we’ve been wanting to hang out with! Thanks Ronan, James, Vince and Marta!

So here are my favorite takes by Ronan Domingo =]


ph: Ronan Domingo

Key items:

  1. leather jacket
  2. body con dress from street beat boutique
  3. garter and thigh high stockings from lucky doll
  4. feathers feathers feathers
  5. plaid shirt from balenciaga
  6. american flag shorts from topshop
  7. boots from five by five
  8. silver hardware


…and here are my favorite photos that didn’t make both photographers cuts. This picture, to me looks like a still from a movie. Eyelovette!!!




ph: grabbed from James Burn


7 thoughts on “dancing with myself

    • hi! sorry i just read your comment. it was filed under the spam folder for some reason. i would love to do a collab with you! although i’m based in ilocos =( i only get to visit manila every once in a while

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