america’s new broke girls

Three of my current favorite TV shows:

1) America’s Next Top Model All Stars

I’m only posting the new shows for Fall but since ANTM changes its cast every cycle. I like to consider it as new. I’m only watching this cycle because of Allison, Laura and Angelea. Allison deserved to win cycle 12 and Laura is just the sweetest girl. Angelea on the other hand is just plain funny and lovable but sometimes I think she’s a little BiPolar. ANTM’s guest stars get better and better every episode, (Coco Rocha, helloooo???)

2) New Girl

Who doesn’t love Zooey Deschanel? This series is about this quirky girl who moves into an apartment with three single men. Despite her unusual habits they become  like family. I’m not super crazy about it like I am with my Show Number 3 but it does have its LOL moments.

3) 2 Broke Girls

I don’t think I’ve ever loved any show as much as I love That 70’s Show, until 2 Broke Girls. The mostly dark twisted humor is just right up my alley. I can never get enough of poor little rich girl and cynical poor girl’s banters. The cast is amazing. I’ve always loved Kat Dennings, she’s always hilarious in whatever character, but Beth Behrs is so far giving her role justice. She’s so annoying yet she’s so lovable. They have the right chemistry to keep me wanting more. This show is hilarious and I really wish it will go on for a long time. I love it, love it, love it!


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