i’m so broke, i cant even pay attention

I’m adding a new section in my blog called “recessionista files”. I’m never really picky with where I buy my stuff plus you guys know how much I love a good bargain. So I thought I should share with you some places I go to where you can buy so much for a small amount.

There’s no fixed amount for this challenge. It depends on which store really, I promise to spend as little as I can.

Here’s my first entry…

Bargain number 1: NOVO along Rizal Street

The other day, my friend Ivon and I were canvassing prices for our project and I took her to this place in front of my house. We went nuts and tried on scarves and hats.

For 85 pesos I was able to get:

3 colored ankle socks in peach, eggshell blue and baby pink that would look really cute with heels

1 pair of neon green footies

and my favorite purchase: a pair of wonder woman-y undies! practically like the ones you see at Topshop

If I got all these from a department store or somewhere else, I would have spent at least 400 pesos.

Til the next bargain! 🙂


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