lady love

You guys might remember my post See Ya When I See Ya, where I casually summarized a fun, spontaneous day with one of my favorite girls, and undeniably my one and only partner in crime, Ivon. Before starting our jobs, we had a month of nothing to do. A month of 10 pm calls, drunken plots, and 4 pm drives over the Laoag City bridge. I can’t tell you people enough of how proud I am of this girl, so her leaving for Manila was quite bitter-sweet. We spent her last day in Ilocos together and did everything she’s always wanted to do… First on the agenda was matching ear piercings (this was the only plan that pushed through that was a part of our “itinerary”). After me getting multiple piercings and ear plugs and Ivon getting a tattoo…we are still such SISSIES scared of the little piercing gun.

Our plans were as spontaneous as our craving for food. First was a craving for Scramble. We drove around Laoag looking for this sweet ice cold snow cone type of street food but it’s as if there was a Scramble Vendor Convention somewhere that day. Driving around aimlessly, we ended up in Vintar. Next we craved for Ice Candy, forcing me to drive from house to house asking if they knew anyone who was selling those delicious frozen treats.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to the Vintar Dam. We didn’t even have any clue how we could get my truck to the top of the waterdam. It was extremely windy at the top of that hill. Of course, we know a great opportunity to do a photo shoot when we see one 😉

I wish we knew what that day had in store for us… Just imagine if we went prepared and brought more outfits!!

[shirt: thrifted, aviators: mango, lipstick: nars’ schiap, armor ring: gold dot, braided bracelet: sugar kissed, retro watch casio, feather connector ring: quirkypedia, bag: h&m, shorts: saint rebel street boutique, wedges: feetforaqueen]

We promise to come back to this place and take more legit photos 🙂

We ended the night drinking McFloats, eating fries and apple pies at our spot. Someone enjoyed a sweet date that night and it ain’t me :p

How about next time we get tattoos already Beb?

You can hype this look on Lookbook by clicking on this link 🙂

all photos by: Ivon Domingo


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