the long and short of it

[top worn as dress: stylebreak, scapula necklace: os-accessories, armor ring: gold dot, custom made skirt: jaynny lao, bag: louis vuitton, wedges: nasty gal]

I always try to pick few photos for my blog posts because I don’t want to take up so much of your net bandwith (?) or whatever you call it. I have to warn you, this post is gonna slow down your internet…

This was my outfit for Jao and China Miguel’s wedding. My mom thought the scapula necklace was a little off for a very formal event because I wear it everyday but c’mon! Tell me my necklace doesn’t complete my outfit??

I stole this bag from my mom’s closet. She’s prolly gonna freak when she sees this blog post. Don’t worry mom I’m returning it in one piece.

ph: alexandra alcid

Alex and Tanya, D and I were baby sitters for the day…

Pictures from the party coming up next…


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