fan girls

I can’t even explain to you guys how much of a fan girl I am. I’ve been to all of Bamboo Manalac’s 3 Laoag concerts: for Rivermaya in the 90’s, for Bamboo the band in early 2000 and for his recent gig for the Pamulinawen Festival promoting his first solo album “No water, No Moon”. Like a true 90’s baby, there are only two OPM artists I go gaga for, over and over and OVER, Ely Buendia and Bamboo Manalac o_0

Shameless with D. Hahah. We weren’t even aware we were live on local TV. After the show, I received countless messages on fb and texts telling me how everyone saw how D and I were giggling like little high school girls the whole time. Quite embarrassing. LOL.

D’s Achi Tin got us to watch up on stage ^_^

Because I am very persistent, my powers of persuasion got us inside Bamboo’s bus 😀 I apologized for being makulit, he thanked me and gamely posed for this photo ^_^

Here’s an epic Rivermaya jam session for your viewing pleasure…


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