garden nymph 5/7

Gorgeous Burgos indeed. Here’s a little glimpse of what Burgos, Ilocos Norte has to offer. Forget about all the mainstream sights. If you’re up for a real adventure, Burgos has so much more to offer.

These photos were taken in Mamaruk. We went to Burgos last Sunday for a really quick trip to further explore the other areas of the town. This is just one of the many (and I mean MANY) destinations in Burgos.

Going back to Burgos next week for further explorations 🙂

[floral headpiece: sugar kissed, necklace: os-accessories, scarf used as belt: red dot, scarf used as midi skirt: red dot, platforms: forever 21]

I wore my Red Dot scarf as a midi skirt with short shorts under it. Tied another scarf as a belt and voila! I have a midi skirt with a sexy high slit ^_^

Sugar Kissed sent me one of their floral head pieces, I love how this one looks like actual flowers! They make me feel like a garden nymph 😉 See more styles at SugarKissed’s facebook account.





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