red, set, go

I’ve been working with Visionaire Inc. since August of 2011. Though my job description is more on events, marketing promotions and social media, I’ve been lucky enough to act as creative director and stylist for our past shoots.

My first shoot was for Red Dot, showcasing Havaianas last November 2011. Our goal was to show how Havaianas flip flops can be incorporated with Holiday outfits. These were released in December 2011.

My second shoot for Red Dot was the craziest. This was quite different from the first shoot because I actually got to pull out everything from clothes, accessories to shoes. Everything were all Red Dot items. Brainstorming started in late December 2011 and was shot last January of this year. Shooting took place in 2 separate locations that started at 7am and ended at 5:30 pm. We shot 3 sets in one day!! You can only imagine how tired we were at the end of the day. These were due for release on the summer of 2012. We wanted to showcase the Red Dot silk scarf, how it’s the ultimate summer staple with its endless possibilities. First shoot was in Pangil, Currimao. The model was one of my good friends, Kathy Domingo. Her whole exotic look worked so well with the concept and the location. I only had 4 styles in mind before the actual shoot, and sort of did everything else on the spot which got me so hyped up 🙂 The second set was for Just G. I had so much fun styling these two lovely ladies.

The third set was for Gingersnaps. These photos were actually to be launched at the Gingersnaps Summer Preview we had set up for March 2012. I was going for an  A is for Apple x Opening Ceremony kind of vibe. Our photographer worked so well with the kids and she made the set even more interesting when she moved all the benches and small pillars around.

All photographs were shot by Ivon Domingo

check out all the photos at: Red Dot’s fb page

I’ve been doing at home editorials for myself since god knows when (thank you Myspace era. Haha!!) but this is my first time to actually come up with shoots, promos, events, store openings and to actually understand the whole process of selling. I’m learning so much and I think all this marketing, advertising and conceptualizing hoopla is something I want to do for a long time.


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