hanging on a ledge

BTS: Ericke-Ivon fashion shoot in Palpalokada, Burgos (2)

My family went on a hiking trip to our new found love: Palpalokada, Burgos. By family I mean my parents and our honorary “Tan”, Ivon.

BTS: Ericke-Ivon fashion shoot in Palpalokada, Burgos

Our original plan was to hike all day but I decided to bring this new dress I got from Ilocana designer Jaynny Lao just in case.

Ivon Domingo, young Ilocano photojournalist

Never mind that I had these old ugly flats on that totally didn’t go with my dress, or that I had only blush and gloss on my face. Of course Ivon and I seized every minute we were there, impromptu shoots are fun 😀

Nobody does me better than Ivon Domingo :p Watch out for her blog ivondomingo.blogspot.com. Can’t wait to see and blog about the rest of this set ^_^

Ivon and her muse

Trekking in Palpalokada

Ivon and ErickeIn bloom
Father and daughter
Photos taken with my ipod

My daddy, the explorer


My mom, our forever paparazzi 🙂 Stole most of the photos from her. If you wanna know more about this place visit BlauEarth.com
Ericke and Ivon
beach forest
 Hope everyone gets to visit this place and share the same experiences we’ve had, but at the same time we also don’t. We think this beautiful place in Ilocos should be preserved with all its rich treasures. The last thing we need is another commercialized tourist spot where people don’t even bother to pick up their trash or take care of the plants and animals they pass by along the way as long as they get to take a cheesy photo for facebook.

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