lil miss sunshine

Here are the photos Ivon took of me in Palpalokada.  I haven’t made up my mind yet if this paradise up North looks like Arizona, Hawaii, or Greece. It feels and looks new every time I visit this place.

I kept on wishing I brought accessories and make-up with me, good thing my friend takes wonderful photographs!!!!

I love this customized convertible wrap dress from Jaynny Lao. With the right accessories, it can easily be transformed into a formal dress or a glamorous maxi dress for the beach.

I would pack this dress with me on a summer get away, wear it with my favorite pair of Havaianas and huge gold earrings for a night out near the beach.

Check out Ivon Domingo’s blog for more lovely photos!


4 thoughts on “lil miss sunshine

  1. Hello Ms. Lil Sunshine!
    Absolutely adore that dress! Where can I buy it? Do they have it in different colors too?(probably red, green or orange?) Love your style! ❤

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