i want to take you far, from the cynics in this town

I was so stoked to work for the whole Polka Dot campaign, not only as a brand ambassador but also behind the scenes! I still can’t believe we pulled it off! Haha!! So happy I modeled with two of my best friends. Here are some photos from the First Dibs event.

[earrings: aldo, black halter top, belt: polka dot, skirt: polka dot, bracelets & cross necklace: vintage, clutch: louis vuitton, heels: nastygal]

Kit and Ace Mandac always doing what they do best!! Plus an awesome wall art by the McShine team.

Brand ambassadors Ivon Domingo, me, Lovely Abadilla with the brains behind Visionaire Inc. Mary Ann Macaraeg all dressed in Polka Dot of course!

Vintage bracelets from my Mom

Thank you so much to everyone who came!!

with photographer Glenn Tumaneng

Ivon and I didn’t have big parties when we turned 18. We thought we were too cool to have a debut. We were pretty much anti-debut. Haha!! But this night made us feel like debutantes or sweet 16’ers. I had so much fun!!

photos by: glenn tumaneng and team

Here’s the video for Polka Dot’s first collection, enjoy 🙂


4 thoughts on “i want to take you far, from the cynics in this town

    • Aww I’m glad 🙂 yup you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe!! Just mix and match your old stuff with your newer ones 🙂 thanks mhinnie!

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