go nuts for hex nuts!

Here’s a fun little tutorial you can do anytime for less than 10mins! I stole some of my dad’s hex nuts the other night for a bracelet d.i.y. project (yes it’s called stealing if you sneak in your dad’s hardware store at 12 midnight looking for extra nuts”) . Industrial chic indeed 😉


  • Yarn (you can also use the thread they use for cross stitching)
  • Hex Nuts (you can get these at any hardware store)
  • Scissors

  1. Measure how long you want your bracelet to be, be sure to leave a few centimeters when cutting. Be sure to use even numbers so the braids become even, this depends on how thick you want your bracelet to be. I used 9 strands.
  2. Secure end, tie it in a loop.
  3. Divide the yarns in three groups. So since I used 9 strands I have 3 strands in each group. Begin braiding until you get desired length.
  4. Tie 1 group of strands around the rest to secure placement. Be ready with your hex’.
  5. Put your first hex nut on one of the outside strands.
  6. Before crossing this strand over the rest of the strands, add a hex nut on the opposite outside strand and hold it tightly.
  7. Cross your first strand over the middle strand, like what you did in step 4. Repeat this process of crossing til you have braided all your hex nuts.
  8. Use an even number of hex nuts on both ends.
  9. Secure your hex nuts with one last final loop.
  10. Continue braiding til you get to your desired length. My other end is longer than my first end because I wanted to make a wrap around bracelet. Secure end and tie the whole thing in a loop. Cut the excess strands.

Your finished product should look like this. You may now show them off!! You can even use this trick for any beads or charms you want.

Wear’em alone or pile’m on, whatever floats your boat ^_^ Have fun with your bracelets!!


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