acceptable in the 90’s

[large wayfarers, lipstick: mac diva, white fish tail top: topshop, corset: twins closet, cuff earring: romwe, cluster of bones necklace: os-accessories, bag: louis vuitton, armor ring: gold dot, watch: cartier, platforms: shopreddot]

I took my brothers to Tacos Del Norte for some quesadillas the other day. I wore MAC lipstick in Diva which I bought from Mg Kristine Tecson. It’s a little like my other MAC lipstick, Dubonnet except for the matte finish but I love it! Its like those vampy lipsticks you’ve always imagined sexy, smart and successful women wore all the time. Hahah, Diva makes you smarter ladies!!!

Ear cuff from Romwe

necessities: keys, lipstick, lumix gf2, my blackberry, my tiny minimini phone, my ipod,  sunglasses and oil blotter

4 thoughts on “acceptable in the 90’s

  1. Love your outfit. I like how you wore the shirt as a dress and that it’s sheer enough to see your jean shorts. Very clever & very cute!

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