you, me and the waves

I’m so lucky to live just an hour away from this place. People like to call Pagudpud the “Boracay of the North” but I don’t really think that’s the case. Pagudpud is way more chill than Boracay. It barely makes a “party destination” but makes up for it with its untouched natural wonders: trees that go on for miiiiiles, hidden secret water falls, and many more. Our white sand may not be as fine, but Pagudpud waters are perfect for surfing and kite surfing. Pagudpud is for everyone, for families, for friends looking for a place to just chill, for lovers who want to get away, for adventure seekers and water sports enthusiasts.

Pagudpud is 30 minutes away from Adams, further up north, where you can find magnificent waterfalls, rare birds and flowers. It’s also the town after Bangui (famous for its windmills, you can actually see windmills from the saud area in Pagudpud) and the improved tourist destination, Burgos (famous for Palpalokada, Mamaruk, Kapurpurawan rock formation and the Cape Bojeador light house). Pagudpud is about an hour away from Laoag City, the capital of the province, your first stop to the north via the Laoag International Airport and now, the famous sand boarding destination of the Philippines. I haven’t even mentioned the lovely towns, friendly people and sumptuous food you get to pass by along the way. Pagudpud is defnitely the perfect icing on the cake called Ilocos Norte.

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