lost in paradise, part 1

Day 1 we arrived at Busuanga Airport at around 10:30am and opted to spend the rest of the day at the hotel and go around the town.

We stayed at Sunz En Resort and we’re so glad we did! Not only is the hotel the best at its price range but it has a generator (electricity goes out in Coron every night for a few hours), and a bar by the pool. So in case it rains or you get stuck in the hotel the day won’t be such a waste because the ambiance was really great. Since it’s also located away from the busy part of town it was always peaceful.

I refused to join tour groups because I wanted to take as much time as we wanted in each spot so we scheduled for a DIY tour instead and only picked the best spots. Island tour only cost P1,500 and we spent about P1,000 for lunch which the boatmen cooked for us at a stop over in 91 beach.

Our boatman Kuya Dino…

First spot was Siete Picados which means “Seven Islands”. The locals said this was one of the best spots for snorkeling.

Next was my favorite place in Coron: Kayangan Lake, the cleanest lake in the country. Before entering the lake you have to trek a very narrow and quite steep stairway made of rocks. Be sure to bring water with you because it can get pretty tiring.

I swear, pictures do not do not do this place justice!!!! There are no words to describe it.ย 

Next was Twin Lagoon, also one of my favorites. This is where salt water and fresh water meet in one contained area. It was cold and warm at the same time. Water temperatures change if you move just a little. This place really felt enchanted, as if there are spirits guarding the place.ย 

During low tide, you have to go under a small cave to get through the lagoon.

Last stop was Skeleton Ship Wreck, another snorkeling/diving spot. This was the best photo I could take of the ship using my cousins underwater camera. It was pretty scary really, considering we we’re only snorkeling. It was as if a shark or a cracken would show up any minute.

Part 2 coming up…


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