lost in paradise, part 2

Day 3 was supposed to be our beach tour (Malcapuya, Banana and Bolog Dos), but we only settled in Malcapuya Island since the waves were pretty big and scary. Traveling 1.5 hours was a mission -_-

We even met the Datu Puti King who also took us snorkeling where we saw clown fishes and giant clams.

Locals call this the “Sleeping Giant”, he guards Coron from typhoons. Can you spot his face? 🙂We also tried Maquinit Hot Spring, seriously felt light headed after. And no, we did not smoke some special Coron stuff, it was really just the hot water :p

Did I mention how tasty everything is in Coron?!

This was probably one of my best trips EVER. Every place felt so sacred. Best part of the trip was the Island Tour. It was so good I don’t mind doing it twice in one trip. I cannot wait to take my family here.

Coron is quite enchanting indeed, be sure to visit this wonderful place.


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