Laoag’s Own Samsung Brand Store


My family only ever trusted 4 phone brands ever, and Samsung has always been one of them. Last year my siblings and I bought our Dad a phone from the brands DUOS line. Coming from a sturdy and trusty Nokia phone, we were afraid he might not figure out how to use his new qwerty smart phone. You know how grown ups are sometimes. Haha. But he adjusted pretty quick. 2 years after, he still raves about his Samsung phone. Samsung’s “Designed for Humans” campaign can’t be any more fitting.


grabbed from Blauearth

The only Samsung Brand Store in Ilocos finally opened a block from my house! Hrmmmm… Just in time for Christmas? 🙂


If you’ve always thought about testing out any Samsung units then drop by the Samsung store at PureGold Laoag and check out their buy 1 take 1 promos while you’re at it 🙂PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Thank you so much to the Lao’s for having us on your opening day 🙂 Congratulations!!


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