Baguio Eats


[aviators: mango, sweater: topshop – similar here, skirt, boots: tonic]P1080738

Alvin and I have been planning to go to Baguio for the longest time. We were supposed to go with Ivon, and visit our friends Alex and Kathy but Ivon flaked on us last minute to get her hair permed (asdfuhsldkfj!!!!). We also planned to go to La Trinidad to go strawberry picking but that was a bust. Can’t help it if the weather in Baguio makes it such a sleepy place!! Lol.hill station

Our first stop on the gastronomic tour was Hill Station for dinner after we got to Baguio. It’s right next to Mt. Cloud Bookshop and North Haven Spa. I had the bacon wrapped prawns with wasabi infused mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes was really good, it wasn’t at all spicy like I was afraid it would be. Alvin had the Steak and Prawns Peri Peri. The highlight though was the Death by Chocolate Cake, it was so fudgy and not too sweet. It was practically orgasm in my mouth


First day I dragged Alvin to Cafe by The Ruins. I’ve been dreaming of their Champorado with Tinapa and Ensaymada for so long!! This is my family’s favorite restaurant in Baguio. When I was younger we would drive all the way to Baguio just to eat here, then go back to Ilocos the next day. It wasn’t as Ruins-y as before but it still hits home β™₯20121220-091732.jpgcafe by the ruins

I went in there dreaming of Champorado and Ensaymada but ended up ordering something like their own version of grilled cheese but with goat cheese and Rizal’s Tsokolate. I thought we had enough time to go back anyway so why the hell not (Err, no we didn’t go back 😦 ). Alvin had Duck Noodle Soup which was soooo gooood!!


Took home delicious Potato Bread and Pan De Sal with us, Herbed Liver Pate and Herb Cheese.20121220-091552.jpg

We also wen’t to Visco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop to grab a bite of their best selling Strawberry Cake and Tiramisu.

Last stop before heading home was PNKY Cafe, Ivon told me about this place. Little did I know, my mom has been communicating with the owner golfpunkgirl via Flickr Β all this time.P1080727



Their menu is more of like a scrap book, sharing with their guests photographs from their travels, clippings and handwritten notes. Toto, we’re home β™₯


I had Pompei Pesto and Apple of my Pie for dessert. Alvin had Beef a la Seine, sliced beef sauteed with mushrooms, red pepper and STRAWBERRIES served with rice and vegetables. So good!! I liked his order better.


Brought home Ube Jam for my mom and brother.

20121220-091309.jpgTell me you don’t love this counter!


Everything in the restaurant is for sale, and I mean EVERYTHING.



Can’t wait to come back! What are your favorite restaurants in Baguio?20121220-091620.jpg


6 thoughts on “Baguio Eats

  1. I didn’t ditch you just to get my hair permed!!! and if you must know, I’m so jelly. -_- wish I was in Pnky cafe with you. And you should’ve brought Alvin in OMG. wla lng. haha!

    • wish you were with us 😦 i was supposed to bring him to OMG, we were also supposed to go to BenCab Museum, but eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr… Haha

  2. New follower here. Love your outfits β™₯ I have never seen PNKY cafe before though I’ve toured Baguio a couple of times, that will be on my to-go-to-list the next time I go to Baguio πŸ™‚

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