brand new day


[top: romwe, sunglasses: cotton on, borrowed earrings: h&m, studded shorts: diy, gifted sandals: villains sf]

Spent the first day of 2013 with my family by the beach. None of us went swimming tho cause the waves looked pretty rough. Good thing I brought a pair of heels with me and two outfits, haha! I knew we were going straight to dinner after so I came prepared. There was no place to change, so like the OG beach girl that I am, I changed by the car, putting skirts and sarongs over me. Heard a few people whispering after, amazed that I can change clothes in public o.0


The best gift I received this Christmas makes its blog debut. It makes everything look soo good!!! Thank you kind sir 😉

P1080886Since this is my first blog post of the year,  I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to view my little blog 🙂 Big big changes will happen for me this 2013 and I hope I will always have you guys to share every moment with.

You can also hype this look on by clicking this link 🙂


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